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Welcome to is a Swiss non-profit platform promoting best-of-breed E-voting solutions. We believe in the importance and future of direct democracy. We do not want to talk, but to contribute by enablement.

Why a Platform?

Innovation and the number of providers for democracy applications is growing rapidly worldwide. We think an independent non-profit platform can provide valuable services here, so that customers can find the optimal provider for their participation applications.

More than E-voting?

Our first chapter is E-voting, with participation being the core element of direct democracy. We do have plans for more chapters.


The founders and management of work as volunteers, without salary. We plan to grow and to hire a team. Our future setup as a non-profit organization is in evaluation.

Swiss founders

We are Swiss serial entrepreneurs with large experience and track record in IT security, digital privacy protection and international marketing. We are based in Zurich.

Become our partner

If you share our vision for direct democracy and see a win-win with, then let us talk!

Volunteers wanted

Are you interested in volunteering together with us? Your expertise in digital marketing, legal affairs or IT is welcome. Please contact us.

Dolphins – Our mascots

Dolphins care for each other and their group. Latest research shows that they develop complex social structures. They are adorable.