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Ask your Team. Make better decisions.

Ask an important question to your employees or members. Get their input in a secret vote. Value their opinion, give feedback and decide.


This is a secure online voting with secrecy of the ballot. Anonymity of the voter is important for true results. Use it for important questions or polls to your team.


You want the intelligence of your team as input for decision making. Participation can improve team spirit and performance.


You are team leader, management, board or secretary of a company or organization.

Why not

If the question is not important you can use a free tool without secrecy of the ballot, like Doodle or WhatsApp.

Ask your Team NOW.

E-voting self-service. In minutes.

EXAMPLES | 1 min
Let’s see some some examples first.
Yes / No Question
Multiple-response ballot
Result detail
1. Register and LOGIN | 3 min
Test for free before you decide and proceed.

Clicking the button will open a new browser-tab with the POLYAS online election manager.

Please follow these steps:
  • Register with your email, name, country and password.
  • You will receive an email from POLYAS. Confirm your account.
  • We recommend that you keep your password in a safe place: your key-chain or a password-manager like SecureSafe.
2. Create the BALLOT – Your question(s) to the Team | 10 min
One ballot paper per question or choice.

Please follow these two steps:

CREATE ballot paper – Setup | 5 min
Fast-track: Use Ballot Template

An online voting is called project. First you do the setup of your project.

For every question/choice you create one ballot paper. You can do this through the web interface OR the fast and easy way: Make use of Ballot Template (Excel)!

Please follow these steps:
  • Click New Project and choose Online Voting.
  • Give a Title to your project.
  • Go to Ballot Paper TAB.
  • Download Ballot Template here.
  • Then import the Excel Ballot Template per drag-and-drop.
Import screen
EDIT ballot | 5 min
Your text, several questions, options.

You can easily edit and finalize your project online:

  • For several questions to your team, Copy the imported ballot papers.
  • Add your content (titles and text) to your ballot paper(s), TAB Ballot paper. Simply edit the text online, it will be auto-saved!
  • Option: Like to add your Custom Logo to your voting? Check the TAB Features.
  • Tip: Use the Preview TAB to check on your text and appearance!
Copy ballot paper

This is a powerful product. For any questions or advanced features please consult POLYAS HELP

3. Enter the VOTERS | 5 min
Online entry or excel-upload.

Up to 20 voters you might want to enter directly in the POLYAS web-interface. Otherwise download / edit / upload our voters excel template.

  • Go to Eligible voters TAB
  • Register your voters online OR download the (link) voters Excel template here in the import and export TAB. After editing you can import it per drag-and-drop.
  • Providing only your voters email is sufficient. Option: In Attributes you can add more attributes like name, address, etc.
4. START your online voting | 5 min
Final test, configure voting period – Complete

Better run a quick test vote first (for up to 5 test voters).

Completing the project will give an overview and show the total cost to be paid to POLYAS.

  • Check Test button (bottom right) and run your test.
  • Set the Voting Period in the Overview TAB
  • Press the Complete button
  • Choose your POLYAS payment option
  • Review order and Complete
Configure voting period
Complete and Test buttons
Track participation, progress and view results.

You can track the voting progress in the Online Voting Manager.

  • Check sending status of invitations.
  • Track participation.
  • Voting ends automatically after voting period or you end it manually.

Once the voting has ended you can view and download the results. The results come as a handy PDF or Excel. Congratulations!

PRICING and cost
FREE up to 50 voters. Transparent online cost calculator.

The POLYAS cost calculator will at all times show the total cost to you.

Testing and evaluating the product is free. is offering a 10% discount voucher to you.

Pricing examples without features:

  • 50 Voters: FREE
  • 100 Voters: 184.- CHF/EUR
  • 1000 Voters: 1038.- CHF/EUR
  • Features: Flat-pricing or per voter
NEED HELP? can setup your ballot
Book our fixed-rate service for CHF/EUR 190.-

If you need help, because you have no time or you have a complex ballot paper in mind, you can book our ballot paper configuration service here.

Once you order, POLYAS will share your project with us. You provide us with what you want to do and we will configure it, within the possibilities of the application.

After successful test we will be unshared from your project by POLYAS and the voting and results are all privately yours.

Conditions and Steps:
  • With booking and order confirmation you accept the Terms & Conditions of
  • You provide your project description to us. Of course details (questions, etc) can be anonymized.
  • We configure your Ballot Paper.
  • If needed we talk and explain. Upon appointment.
  • You test your project.
  • We finish our service and unshare from your project.


Ask your Team EXAMPLES

Here are som references and examples how companies and organizations use online voting to make decisions. A decision made with the majority support of your team is a better one.



“Dear Team. Let us fly to Mars! Are you in?”

Perhaps your organization’s strategic initiative is a bit smaller. But to get the true support of your whole team can be decisive for great ventures!

Employee welfare

After the pandemic, many companies are re-adjusting the home-office planning. An anonymous online voting is the perfect way to receive your team’s true opinion regarding different options, free from pressure of colleagues.

Employment contracts

In 2021 an international fashion company let their employees vote about the 4-day working week. The new solution for the central offices included a small salary reduction shared between employer and employee. It was approved by 86% with a participation of 98%.


Our secure solution POLYAS evaluates the worldwide E-Voting provider market on-going for you. Out of more than 80 solutions, we have chosen the German market leader POLYAS as the provider for our first voting applications. POLYAS convinces with:

A powerful and mature product, made in Germany.

Highest compliance and security certifications.

Easy for voters, smartphone ready.

20 years of success, more than 4 million voters in 2022.

Secrecy of the ballot

POLYAS is certified to follow the electoral principles: universal, free, direct and secret. Cryptographic techniques are used to enable the secrecy of the ballot in online voting.

Question: Do you believe that employees or members would always state their true opinion in front of their boss or the other team members?

The power of E-Voting aims to promote the power of online voting with simple use cases. But of course much more is possible.

Do you need a Nomination platform for your management board or committee? Or do you want a Live Voting for your general assembly? Please contact us or see yourself at POLYAS products.